Comprehensive and easy to use best of breed system for environment tracking, recording and management concerns for medium to large organisation.

Fully integrated and feature rich

The system incorporates:

  • Complete electronic environment management solution
  • Paperless processes
  • KPI montioring and routing engine
  • Ecological (Eco) Efficiency Indicators
  • Management of large geographical areas are possible
  • Multiple comcerns of environment areas within the organisation
  • Corrective actions management
  • Continuous improvement management
  • Related hazards
  • Automated Business Rules Processing Facility

and more.

Realtime results from tests or in place monitoring hardware

Test results from labs or data streams from hardware can be processed and analysed. KPIs for monitoring aspect can be established with visual presentation via the Environment Dashboards. All aspects of mintoring possible, e.g., water, dust, smoke stack gas composition, carbon and more.

Rules driven automated communications

System driven communications to field workforce. Email, SMS alerts, and paging hardware can be utilised. Customisable activation criteria possible, i.e., determine if a chemical test for Turbidity levels in a water sample is unacceptable. Indicates possible faults and causes.

Workflow integration

Flexiable workflow and business rules processing supported. Fully integrated Business Rules Processing Facility that allows user driven customisation to suite individual business requirements.

Support multiple server hardware platforms

ENV IMS (EMS) employs a multi-tier Java based architecture that can be deployed on any Java JRE supported hardware vendor equipment.

Further Information

ENV IMS (EMS) is an involved system. We would be pleased to have the opportunity to assist with your evaluation process. Please feel free to contact us at for more detailed literature, to discuss your needs and to arrange for a demonstration.